Important Dates and Other Information

Thank you for your interest in the GMUAA Scholarships. Below is some information and important dates to consider as you process and/or await a decision regarding your application: 

  • Application Deadline - all applications and revisions must be submitted by Monday, Jan. 9.

  • Reference/Recommendation - all referrals must be received through our online referral form no later than Monday, Jan. 9. It is your responsibility to contact your reference and provide them with the link and timeline to fill out the required reference form. No late submissions will be accepted; please be advised of the academic schedule and winter holiday break to allow sufficient time for the recommendation to be completed.
    Online Recommendation Form:

  • Interviews - all finalists will be required to come to the Fairfax campus and complete an interview with the Scholarship Selection Committee. You will be notified by Wednesday, Feb. 22 if you are selected for the interview round. Interviews will be held either Saturday, Feb.25, finalists will receive a confirmation of the date/time when notified of application progression.

  • Awards Notifications - all finalists will receive a confirmation of their award selection or denial by Friday, March 3.

  • Scholarship Dinner - all selected scholarship recipients will be invited to the annual Scholarship Dinner. Additional RSVP is required upon receipt of invitation.

  • Thank You Letters - all selected scholarship recipients will be required to write a formal letter of appreciation to the donor(s) responsible for endowing the scholarship that they have received. All letters must be mailed by Monday, April 3.

  • Photo/Press Release - all selected scholarship recipients will take a group photo and be featured in various Mason news publications, such as, The Scroll, Mason Spirit magazine, Mason website, social media accounts, etc.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact Andy Ackley or call 703-993-8739.