Mason Young Alumni

Mason Young Alumni are our recent graduates who have completed a degree from Mason within the past five years (Classes of 2011-2015).  Mason Young Alumni are over 40,000 strong, and make up about 23% of our over 170,000 total alumni.

Our Mason Young Alumni are as unique as Mason is itself.  Learn more about how the Alumni Association can create "A Lifelong Connection" with our Mason Young Alumni:

Here at Mason, giving back through community service is a staple of the student experience.  Continue the tradition of service and get involved through the Alumni Association today:

In the market for that first full-time/professional job?  Or are you looking to change it up and start work in a different field?  Our partnership with Mason Career Services helps our alumni connect with employers who "Hire Mason!"  Search the Career Link portal for jobs, seek advice from alumni, and even share your knowledge with current Mason students by being a mentor.

The Alumni Association is here to make sure you stay connected for life with your alma mater and your friends.  Join us for some annual traditional events, as well as some Mason Young Alumni programming (designed especially for you):

The number one need of Mason Young Alumni is professional development.  We offer various professional development opportunities for Young Alumni, such as:

  • LinkedIn Alumni Group - join the network of over 13,000 fellow alumni; learn more about jobs available to Mason alumni, and digitally network.
  • Online Directory - by joining the online directory, you have access to thousands of alumni within your area.
  • Networking Events - whether the Alumni Association is hosting an event in the D.C. metro area, or your academic college/school is hosting a networking session with professionals with your major, there's always an opportunity to meet and network with fellow alumni and employers.
  • Brazen Connect - not in the D.C. metro area?  Not a problem...we're launching a virtual platform with Brazen Connect that allows our alumni all over the U.S. to connect through virtual networking events.

We know life after graduation can be tough...especially on your wallet!  Check out the following discounts/services just for Mason Young Alumni:

For more information regarding Mason Young Alumni programs, please contact Adrienne Teague at (703) 993-3847 or via email