The Alumni Association has partnered with two insurance companies to provide great benefits to Mason alumni. Plans for health, life, home, and traveler's insurance are available at reduced rates. Be sure to visit each of the companies below to find out how you can take advantage of this benefit. 

Alumni Travel Insurance

Travel insurance available to alumni for any travel programs they choose.

Auto Insurance

Only Nationwide® gives George Mason University alumni an exclusive discount on auto insurance. Plus you could save even more when you add features like Vanishing Deductible. Get a free quote or call 1-888-231-4870.

The Alumni Insurance Program

Whether you've just graduated, are established with a family and career, or are getting ready to enjoy a well-earned retirement, The Alumni Insurance Program, sponsored by your Alumni Association, can help you at every stage of your life. Click here for more information.

Health and Life Coverage

The Mason Alumni Insurance Program is a helpful resource for health and term life insurance for alumni and their family members. There are a variety of other plans to meet your needs too, including dental, long term care, and even pet health insurance! Be sure to take advantage of this special benefit.

For more details on all plans, visit the Alumni Insurance Program website at anytime. Or call 1-800-922-1245 to talk to a customer service representative at Collegiate Insurance Resources (CIR), the experienced company we've chosen to administer our plans. Representatives are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.