Alumni Travel Programs

New for 2017-18!

In partnership with GO Next, Inc. the Alumni Association presents Oceania Cruises that offer alumni premium quality voyages:

Sparkling South Pacific
February 25 - March 7, 2018
Experience French Polynesia— where every port of call is a sparkling South Pacific paradise— on one of the finest vessels afloat, Oceania Cruises’ elegant Sirena. Take in the tropical islands and atolls of Moorea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, and more on this extraordinary voyage.

Postcards From Cuba
September 16-24, 2018

Ancient Vignettes
October 3-14, 2018
Classical cultures come to life as you explore the art and history of Southern Europe. From the Renaissance art of Florence and Rome to the ancient walled cities of Valletta and Rhodes, you’ll explore it all aboard the luxurious Riviera.

Alumni Travel Insurance

Insurance available to alumni for any travel programs they choose.

Mason Cultural Tours Program

The Alumni Association partners with Mason's Cultural Tours Program to provide travel programs to Mason alumni. All of the Cultural Tour's programs are open to alumni. Journeys are planned for South Africa and the Flavors of Southern France and Italy just to name a few.

The full list of countries and programs can be found on the Cultural Tours Program's website. Bon voyage! 

Questions? Contact Rita Rowand in the Cultural Tours Program or call 703-993-5146.