Mason alumni have an attitude, and it's good

Researchers from the Performance Enhancement Group have tallied the results of the university’s most recent Alumni Attitude Study. The survey takes a comprehensive look at how your fellow alumni view their alma mater, what we might improve to increase alumni engagement, and perspectives on the value of your Mason degree. 

  • 95 percent promote Mason to others (22 percent “all the time”)
  • 93 percent rated their decision to attend Mason as “good” or “great
  • 90 percent described their student experience as “good” or “excellent.”
  • 90 percent have an excellent or good opinion of today’s Mason

You particularly value Mason for preparing them well for “a commitment to continuous education,” their own personal development, further graduate education, and current employment.

An ongoing relationship with the university is important: linking other alumni to job opportunities, networking with alumni, and mentoring students are areas in which you would like to be increasingly involved.

“We are working to actively connect alumni to the areas in which Mason serves as a lifelong resource and source of satisfaction for alumni,” said Christine Clark-Talley, associate vice president of alumni relations. For example, Mason Career Link connects alumni and students to share industry experience, career advice, and job search expertise. 

Mason Admissions Volunteer Network members meet with future Patriots and families to share their experiences and reach out to a new generation of students.

Regional Alumni Clubs and Alumni Chapters engage alumni who share a local area or a common interest for networking, social events, and opportunities to volunteer.

“You’ve told us how important it is to be involved with Mason Nation,” said Clark-Talley, “and we will be reaching out even more widely to make sure you have a chance to take part in existing programs as well as new initiatives.”

More than 500,000 alumni at 200 colleges and universities nationwide have completed The Alumni Attitude Study over the past 13 years. Mason has conducted the study in 2004, 2008 and 2014. This year, 1,265 alumni took part: 53 percent of respondents earned their undergraduate degree from Mason; 37 percent earned a graduate degree; and 11 percent hold both undergraduate and graduate Mason degrees.

68 percent of respondents live within the Commonwealth of Virginia; 28 percent outside Virginia, and four percent in another country.

You can connect with alumni programs and opportunities through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and by joining the Alumni Association online community.