Our History


Whether you graduated in 1968 or in the last decade, you have been part of the George Mason experience. The Alumni Association represents a network of more than 187,000 alumni who love Mason and support each other and the university.  

The Alumni Association was established in 1968 to support the university and promote lifelong learning. In February 1977, at the initiation of its Student Affairs Committee, the university's Board of Visitors authorized the formation of a joint alumni relations program with an office on campus and a director of alumni relations selected by the association and the university administration. From 1982 to the present, the university and the Board of Visitors have had an agreement with the association to provide a home for the Alumni Association on campus in an interdependent relationship.

Detailed history and archival photos are available with the Libraries & Archives.

Our Mission

The mission of the Alumni Association is to strengthen George Mason University by engaging alumni through fellowship, programs, and services that encourage active participation in the university community.

Our Core Values

We value:

  • the diverse alumni of George Mason University are committed to strengthening the relations between alumni and the university through accessible and inclusive programs and services
  • the interdependent partnership between the Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations 
  • the faculty, staff, and administration of the university and their work in preparing future alumni for meaningful and successful lives
  • the role of communication and cultivation in engaging alumni in academic, social, and philanthropic activities
  • the future of George Mason University and its students—our future alumni
  • and understand the legacy we create at George Mason University
  • and recognize the importance of our stewardship of the Alumni Association

What we do:

  • Identify, recruit and develop alumni leaders
  • Facilitate volunteer opportunities
  • Leverage partnerships to provide meaningful services to alumni
  • Nurture alumni networks and relationships through strong alumni chapters, academic unit-based activities, affinity groups, and regional groups
  • Support academic unit outreach to alumni
  • Encourage and foster a culture for alumni to support the university
  • Facilitate programs that bring alumni together for fellowship and professional networking with alumni, faculty/staff, and students
  • Support students through scholarships and career mentoring
  • Enhance pride by informing alumni and about university developments as well as university and alumni achievements through the Mason Spirit, the Mason Scroll, Social Media, and events